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Summer of You!

SUMMER!!!! What’s not to love - the beach, the pool, the bbq, ice cream, fireworks…. THE SUMMER OF YOU! We don’t know about you, but The Summer of You is one of our favorite programs and we look forward to building the content each year. Last year it was a big hit, and we suspect this year will be no different! Grab your calendar, and jot down these dates ASAP – you aren’t going to want to miss what we have in store!

The Kick Off is happening June 6th at 6:00pm EST – and what they say is true, laughter really is the best medicine. Join us as we embark on a fun filled evening of Women in Comedy hosted by Laugh.Events.

Our July event features Lisa Annese, an author, spiritual guide, and sound healer. Mark your calendar for July 27th at 4pm EST. Lisa will discuss the tools she used to discover her true self.

In August, grab your sneakers, a buddy, and get MOVING!!!! A fan favorite, August will repeat our Movement Challenge!

Finally, in September, we will host our Farewell to Summer/Hello Fall event. This one hits close to home. As many of you know, last year we raised over $15k in our efforts to cure breast cancer. We are on track to raise more this year, and are headed back to Chicago October 14-16 – but equally important? Knowing the signs and what to look for. We are so thrilled that Robyn Gartner Roth, MD, a radiologist at Cooper University Heath Care, will join us to discuss all things breast health. Can’t wait to hear her discussion on September 20th at 1pm EST! Check out her Instagram – theboobiedocs – as a breast health advocate, she discusses all things breast and quite frankly, is very, very funny.

Sign up, encourage others to sign up, and be sure to attend as many events as you can. We promise you won’t want to miss them and there will be some fun give aways along the way!

The Summer of You:

June 6th: Kickoff the Summer of YOU!

Hosted by: Laugh.Events

July 27th: Sound Healing

Lead by: Lisa Annese

August 1st: Movement Challenge Kickoff

September 20th: Farewell to Summer Event

Led by: The Boobie Docs

Join the NSSTA Women’s Caucus:

The NSSSTA Women’s Caucus is dedicated to making a positive difference for women and forging a gender-equal world. Simply click this link, and choose the membership that’s right for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the professional and personal development of women in the structured settlements industry through community, education, mentorship, and wellness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop and unite the strongest, healthiest, most educated women in the structured settlements industry - to support one another, working towards the advancement, contributions and voice of women, both for themselves and for the betterment of the industry.

Our Goals

Support and mentor women in the structured settlements industry thereby elevating the profession for all it serves. Provide educational development for personal/professional growth in the industry. Promote wellness and guidance in maintaining a balanced life.

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