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News Release: Mentorship Program

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

NSSTA Women’s Caucus: Mentorship Program Set to Launch in January 2022!

October 19, 2021 2:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- The National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA) Women’s Caucus received unanimous approval from the NSSTA Board of Directors for implementation of the industry’s first Mentorship Program. Available to all members of the NSSTA, the program aims to support those in the industry seeking opportunities to learn from experienced professionals as they travel along their career path.

The completely free, 12-month program facilitates a two-prong approach. Flexible one-on-one meetings between carefully paired mentors and mentees allow mentees to discuss challenges and pressure points. In addition, program participants will participate in monthly group educational programs hosted by industry leaders on topics of interest.

Leading the initiative, Erin Eddy of Ringler Associates said, “While there are many factors in achieving greater inclusion for women in structured settlements, it’s imperative that women at the top and male advocates hold the door open for others to follow. Mentorship for aspiring leaders can improve their confidence, help them build a strong network and encourage self-advocacy, all of which are key tools for advancement.”

Applications are now open for those interested in joining the program as a mentee.

The founding mentors represent a group of women and male advocates in various positions of influence across the industry and include:

  • Serena Fitchard (Structures)

  • Kerri Poe (Atlas)

  • Kathryn Criswell (Alliant Mesirow)

  • Christi Fried (Continental Trust Services)

  • Jodie Lamb (Arcadia)

  • Nicol Vargas (Ringler)

  • Kathy Martin (AIG)

  • Christine Logan (Logan Settlement Services)

  • Mary Martin (Atlas)

  • Jackie Mercer (Arcadia)

  • AnneMarie McAnally (Huver & Associates)

  • Pat Hindert (Independent Life)

  • Brad Cantwell (Arcadia)

  • Carmella Limongelli (Ringler)

For more information about the NSSTA Women’s Caucus Mentorship Program, click here. Your questions are also welcome at!

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