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NSSTA Leadership & Committees Update

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

NSSTA Women's Caucus - Congratulates NSSTA Leaders

Please join the NSSTA Women’s Caucus in congratulating Tacker LeCarpentier as being named the NSSTA President-elect. We would also like to recognize this year’s Committee Liaisons: CSSC Committee: Henry Strong Education Committee: Ravi Vaswani Innovation Committee: Greg Micoletti Legal Committee: Len Blonder Legs & Regs Committee: Peter Early Membership Committee: Ryan Jandreau Marketing Committee: Jeanette Hernandez NSSTA PAC Board: Tacker LeCarpentier

We are also delighted to announce that Kerri Poe will act as our NSSTA BOD liaison. Kerri has been instrumental in supporting the Caucus as a member, a great facilitator for our Book Club, and a terrific resource for our health and wellness initiatives. With her assistance, you can bet there will be more great things in store for the Women’s Caucus!

NSSTA Needs You Back on May 20th, we presented a “Meet the NSSTA Committees”, a digital meet and greet with members of each NSSTA Committee and the Board of Directors. By adding your voice and skills to a Committee, you're supporting NSSTA and framing the future of our industry. If you’re still wondering “which group is right for me?”, we encourage you to reach out directly to the specific committee chair(s), to get your questions answered and explore which committee would benefit from your unique strengths and skill sets. Need a refresher on each committee? Members request to watch the presentation on demand or read an overview of each Committee - contact us!

Contact us with your ideas, questions and feedback. We're here to support you within the Women's Caucus and the Structured Settlement Industry.

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